Singularity Volunteers

This site exists to organize projects needing volunteer assistance, related to the Singularity Institute, AGIRI, OpenCog, H+ and other futurist organizations. It's aimed to be a flexible resource, and its purpose and utilization are expected to adapt and drift over time.

Folks should feel free to add projects needing volunteers here, but not to pollute this front page with text on any particular project. Just keep the description of any one project on this page down to one or two lines.

This site is intended to be used in collaboration with the Singularity-Volunteers Google Group, a low-traffic email discussion and announcements group set up in March 2009. To get added to that Google Group, email Ben Goertzel at gro.leztreog|neb#gro.leztreog|neb

List of Projects

General Proofreading

From Here to Singularity
book project needing proofreading and research assistance

AGI Roadmap
needing assistance mining the developmental cognitive psych literature and designing tests and tasks for young AGI systems
needing AI programmers to help build a thinking machine

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