Agi Roadmap

Ben Goertzel and Itamar Arel (the latter from U. Tennessee Knoxville) are co-organizing a project called the "AGI Roadmap", aimed at creating a roadmap for the development of human-level AI, according to certain assumptions.

A wiki for that effort is here

though there's not much there yet. A rough draft article on the effort is also attached to this page.

As this effort advances, we will want volunteers to help us in looking through the cognitive developmental psychology literature and finding good tests and metrics for evaluating the intelligence of young minds … meaning tests and metrics that are particularly portable from humans to young virtually and robotically embodied AI systems.

AS THE FIRST STEP, we would love you to add information to this page

What we're looking for is described there. (You'll need to make an account on the agi-roadmap wiki to do it … sorry for the proliferation of wikis and accounts, but we live in the dark ages!!)

Interested in helping out? If so then

  • if you're on the singularity-volunteers Google Group, just add your name to the following section (and Ben can get your email address when needed from the Google Group admin interface)
  • if you're not on that Google Group, add your name to the following section, and also email Ben (ben at goertzel dot org) with your contact info


Names of volunteers

David Urpani
Luigi Galli
David Upham
Ben Syzek
Ralph Campbell
George Kachergis

(we'll let you know when we're ready)

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