From Here To Singularity

The now-largely obsolete book "The Path to Posthumanity"

is now being massively updated, to be released in paperback at a lower price with a new title and focus ("From Here to Singularity")

The new author list will be: Ben Goertzel, Stephan Bugaj, Lisa Rein

We will need proofreaders for this, and also folks to help troll the literature on relevant futurist topics to be sure we're not missing anything important.

Beyond just proofreading to catch errors, we want futurist enthusiasts to read the book and help us clarify the exposition and improve confusing points.

Interested in helping out? If so then

  • if you're on the singularity-volunteers Google Group, just add your name to the following section (and Ben can get your email address when needed from the Google Group admin interface)
  • if you're not on that Google Group, add your name to the following section, and also email Ben (ben at goertzel dot org) with your contact info


Names of volunteers

David Urpani
Luigi Galli
Matthew T. Dearing
Kelley Heider
Ben Syzek
David Lipa
Daniel Selsam
Petter Wingren Rasmussen
Tesla Monson

(we'll let you know when we're ready)

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